METHOD offers dozens of standalone services that clients can utilize to bring their most challenging ideas to life. Regardless of the nature of the project, our highly skilled design, engineering and manufacturing experts work together to develop a strategy that will push the limits of production.

Industrial Design

Our team of talented industrial designers will create, design and document your project from start to finish. Working with your defined vision through the use of sketches, artistic renderings, 3D models and rapid prototypes, METHOD will bring your idea to reality.

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Graphic Design

Graphic Design is an interdisciplinary, problem-solving activity that combines visual sensitivity with skill and knowledge in areas of communications, technology and business. We use graphic design to help create artist rendering and 3D models, perfect for giving you an overview on your current project.

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Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering is the branch of engineering that specializes in the design, production, and uses of machines. METHOD’s modern facility houses machines capable of making your idea into reality.

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A prototype is an early sample, model or release of a product built to test a concept or process or to act as a thing to be replicated or learned from. We utilize various rapid prototyping METHODs such as SLA, SLS, Z-Corp prototyping and CNC machining to suit the requirements needed for your project.

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Reverse engineering is useful for businesses and entrepreneurs who need to create digital models of existing physical geometry for their own products or in order to assess competing products. A multitude of benefits can be realized by analyzing how a product works, creating obsolete parts or retrofitting existing parts.
We use an accurate laser scanner to capture the scan data of the physical object. Scanned file data can be manipulated by a variety of 3D CAD/CAM software prior to rapid prototyping or manufacturing.

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Our clients take advantage of our thermoforming capabilities in instances where they are seeking lower tooling costs and shorter lead times when compared to injection molding, or wanting to benefit from shorter cycle times and increased throughput on larger parts when compared to rotational molded parts. We house 5 modern machines. METHOD also has the ability to twin sheet form, a process that resembles blow-molded or rotational molded products and we offer pressure forming as well.

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Custom Fabrication

As a design and manufacturing outfit, we specialize in custom fabrication. This is a trade that creates a project or product designed specifically to meet your need. Any medium that creates something new is fabricating it.

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CNC Trimming

By way of securing the parts using a CNC vacuumed trim fixture, METHOD is able to accurately trim or machine your parts to specification and high tolerances.

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CNC Machining

METHOD operates several Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machines that use programs to automatically execute a series of machining operations. CNC machines offer increased productivity and flexibility, consistency and accuracy.

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A water jet machine is an industrial tool capable of cutting a wide variety of materials using a very high-pressure jet of water with or without a mixture of an abrasive substance. Our 5-axis water jet has a pressure of 94 000 psi and a 178”x80” table. We can cut any material you want up to 6” thick hard steel. Because of its 5-axis capabilities we can max out at 45 degree, giving your project the 3D shape required.

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Pattern Making/Tooling

METHOD designs and fabricates prototyping and production tooling in-house, taking advantage of software such as PowerMILL and SURFCAM. This allows us to provide clients with the highest quality products with quick turnaround times. We also have long-standing relationships with toolmakers that specialize in cast aluminum, machined aluminum, fiberglass and ceramic thermoforming molds for our vacuum forming, pressure forming and twin-sheet processes.

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Plastic Fabrication

METHOD has delivered on a range of projects, be it a point of sale display or retail fixtures that were not suited to thermoforming or injection molding. For projects where the design aesthetic or functional requirement calls for plastic or acrylic to be CNC cut and then assembled, we refer to the experts and tools used in our fabrication department.

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Certified through the Canadian Welding Bureau, METHOD has the capabilities to take on any project that requires metal welding.

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PUR Molding

To help insulate or reinforce parts, PUR Molding is the perfect option to fill hollow cavities and strengthen their structures. Our unit is capable of outputting 100kg of foam per minute while maintaining preset temperatures and pressures for individual components. We have three curing presses in our shop. Our presses help to retain the structure of your project after our metering unit has filled it.


We house the industry’s leading CNC hot wire foam cutting machine, allowing us to cut your final project or prepare foam for more detailed milling. We are capable of 2D, spiral and lathe cuts. Impressive cutting speeds means finishing more products faster.

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CNC Foam Cutting

METHOD uses a family of products to take advantage of an integrated manufacturing platform that enables clients projects to go from “art-to-part” in the shortest amount of time possible. The benefit of this integrated production platform is most apparent for Production Designers / Art Directors or artists needing to create larger than life organic sculptures or architectural elements. By taking advantage of integrated scanning and scanning software we can scan, scale, dissect, tool-path, and mill foam into large organic shapes in an efficient manner. Production Designers / Art Directors and artists receive the benefit from the combination of foam's lightweight and our exacting production methods.

By using the industry’s leading CNC foam cutting machine, METHOD is capable of cutting intricate architectural details or sculptural details in 2D, 3D, flat, spiral and lathe. For complex organic shapes, we use the hot-wire foam cutter in conjunction with other technology, which has a large surface area for milling large-format foam sculptures. Our technology also has rotational milling capabilities to enable more accurate and faster production of full three-dimensional shapes.

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Thermoset Elastomeric Polymer (TEP) Curing

METHOD has the patent process for the unique ability to combine multiple colours, multi-level, durometers (from SHORE 00 to D). We provide flame retardant, puncture resistant and slip resistant material, ideal for standard to highly specialized components. Durable, chemical resistant, mold/mildew resistant and exceptional UV and weathering resistance. Our machine allows us to create parts as large as 96”x120,” and material is available in a wide range of colours including custom colours, vibrant colours, fluorescents, translucent and metallics.

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Our clients have come to us for a wide range of packing solutions, including developing innovative polyethylene plastic pallet and divider systems that allow high-end products get shipped without scratches and dents. We have also developed solutions that allow clients to ship using reusable packaging that allows them to save money in the long run.

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Injection Molding

We are often asked by our clients to use our experience with injection mold design and engineering to assist with their injection molding needs. Often a client relationship starts with our thermoforming capabilities, and as their business evolves and their product needs mature, we manage their transition to injection molding. Injection molding benefits clients that are seeking increased production rates, repeatable high in tolerance, and greater options in the range of materials that can be used.

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Assembled and ready to go! Let our team at METHOD provide you with the assembly needed to complete your project.

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Die Punching

Depending on the material, size and thickness of parts, our customers have the option of utilizing our Die Punching services. When applicable, Die Punching can produce much higher production rates then conventional routing and much more affordable tooling/operating costs then CNC trimming. 

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